Monday, September 5, 2011

Sip Natural Craft Soda, Orange Coriander.

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a beverage merely from its ingredients list.
"Carbonated spring water, cane sugar, coriander & orange natural essences, citric acid."
Yes, ladies and gents, this is a somewhat pretentious little drink. The design is clean and deliberately sophisticated from its bold sans serif name to its abstract little coloured bar-things. "Drink me in the shade of a small local-organic café whilst wearing a tasteful scarf and reading a book by David Suzuki" it says. But does the flavour of this crystal clear soda hold up against its sparkling image?
Well, no.
To be honest, none of us could taste much of anything. The scent is definite, if faint, orange. My mother said she could smell the coriander, but she seemed to be alone in that. It tastes like very carbonated mineral water with slight undertones of orange zest, and that would be the end of my review were it not for an odd and particular problem that I actually encountered on my previous run with the brand. (Lavender Lemon zest. Also boring.)
Yes, it appears that this is a beverage to be observed, rather than handled, unless you want your fingers stained with the representative colours of your choice. My guess is that Sip put the extra effort into its image and used some manner of biodegradable ink which is all too eager to biodegrade right off the label.

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