Monday, September 12, 2011

Paldo Aloe Pomegranate flavour

As you may be able to tell, I've had this one for a bit longer than the other beverages featured here. My mother brought it to me one day with a gleam in her eye that said "You like drinks with chewy bits floating it them, don't you...?"
Well, yes, I generally do, I also like pomegranate juice quite a bit and so was quite eager to try this out. Unfortunately it falls square into the mediocre side of things. The Aloe flavour is present but, sadly, no hint of pomegranate at all. And it is sweet. My sister described it along the lines of melted popsicles and my mother as a kind of "watery" sweetness. It's sharp and a little sickly, going straight to the stomach. I've been eyeing the remainder of the bottle with a mixture of exasperation and resentment.
You should be tasty, O, Aloe vera Pomegranate... why do you fall so short of goodness?
Melodrama aside, pass this one up.

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