Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jelly Drink, Orange

This brand of jelly drink is actually something I've been drinking for a while, my friend and I having discovered it during a fortuitous trip to the Asian supermarket. "Jelly Drink?" we wondered, "what could that possibly mean that isn't terrifying?" so we naturally picked up a couple of cans and became quiet infatuated with the whole notion. No doubt slightly influenced by the vividly coloured label and it's vaguely eerie cat logo. It wasn't long before I foisted it upon my mother and sister with a declaration of "You'll like it! Really!"

They didn't like it.

My sister, after initial revulsion, has come to terms with the idea of "bouncy texture" and "beverage" going hand in hand, but my mother just hasn't seen the light. It was only while pouring (read, shaking out vigorously) the drink for this post that I noticed the rather alarming colour, though...

In terms of taste, this Jelly Drink isn't anything special. It tastes like sweet, orange flavoured soda, described by us all as specifically Mandarin Orange. I should also note that the carbonation is very slight. This is important because you will have to shake this beverage violently.

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