Friday, September 16, 2011

O.N.E. Coconut Water

O. N. E. Coconut water
Mango flavour

Confession time.
I really, really do not like coconut.
Wait, not true. I like coconut in it's raw, mature form. Crack it open, drain it, carve out the meat, that's all lovely. In its myriad other forms, though? On chocolates and cakes and cookies and in trail-mixes and "young", adorned with umbrellas? No. No, no, no. Go away.
That said... this drink is okay. I picked it out because the packaging seemed very chipper ("Good source of electrolytes!") and because I was curious about the combination of coconut and mango. It smells like one of those syrup-packaged fruit cups I think most of us had as children and the taste goes along the same lines. The mango flavour is very light, but, oddly, so is the coconut. Its mildness is probably, as my mother said, it's only saving grace. I would categorise it overall as merely uninspiring. Pass it up unless you find yourself seduced by the cheery packaging.

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