Saturday, September 17, 2011

Casal Domingo Light Wine Cooler

Light wine cooler
Wild Harvest Berry
"low alcohol wine beverage" .5% alcohol

Spindle asked me to write this review, what with my prior experience with wine coolers and all.  Uhm... sure.  *scratches head*

I actually remember when vodka and wine coolers first came out on the market.  How's that for dating myself? I did like the vodka coolers, but having turned my nose up at imbibing long ago (nothing like watching one's peers stagger around, pants falling off, then puking behind a bush to turn one off of alcohol), I never really got into them. 

That was 20 odd years ago.

I didn't start trying out different alcoholic drinks until Spindle turned 18 and expressed a curiosity in trying out different types of booze.  Why not? sez I! 

I still don't particularly like alcohol.

When she suggested the wine cooler to try, however, I remembered the coolers I'd had long ago and rather liked the idea.  Especially when we found the Wild Harvest Berry flavour.  Me like berries. 

This, however, has a low enough alcohol level to be sold in the grocery store (for those of you outside of Canada, Quebec is the only province where alcoholic drinks can be purchased in grocery stores.  We are not in Quebec). Which meant my younger daughter could try it out, too.

We all agreed that it had a very faint smell of berries.  I found it immediate; not so much the girls.  They also could smell the wine, which I couldn't.  It has a carbonated burn and bitterness to it.  My younger daughter felt it tasted a bit like berry yogurt - you know the type that has the berries on the bottom that need to be mixed in?  Like that, before mixing it in.  Personally, I felt the carbonation overpowered the berry flavours.  It reminded me a lot of a punch we like to make, using frozen berries and Ginger Ale, except using tonic water instead of the Ginger Ale.

Our conclusions?  Nice.  Mild flavour.  Very carbonated.  I liked it enough to finish off the bottle, which I usually leave to the kids.  I can see developing a taste for it.

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