Where do you get these drinks, and why don't you list that?
Most of the beverages featured thus far have been found in your average grocery. The Asian ones are either from T&T (our largest local chain of Asian supermarkets) or the import section at Superstore, the European ones are probably from our Italian Centre, et cetera. The reason we don't list every source is partly because it's not really consistent (I've found the Jelly drinks in abundance at one T&T, only in one flavour at another, and in a third they don't carry it at all.) and partly because, well, they're just not store-specific. Does your local grocery have an import section? Take a look and you'll probably see a familiar label!
Where we will specifically list locations is when it comes to restaurants and cafés, especially if they have unique selections and recipes.

Why don't you list prices?
Because most of what we post about is under $3 Canadian. In fact, most of the canned drinks are about eighty cents. It just doesn't seem very important to me.
Were we will list prices is, again, at restaurants and cafés, or when an item is over than $3 mark. Alcohol, fancy coffee drinks, hard-to-find sodas... you'll see a price listed.