Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bad Hare Chocolate Stout.

Oh this one didn't bode well from the beginning.
In my defense, I was sort of against it. $3.99 for a 650 mL bottle? That's low for these parts. There's a chance that it's because it's a new acquisition the shop just can't wait to share with the world, but more likely it's because they want to get rid of something.
So I pour this thing and the first thing I note is that there is NO head. I mean, not even a pretension to one. That photo? Taken about three seconds after pouring. I'm by no means a stickler for that sort of thing (I drink from the BOTTLE because beer comes in a BOTTLE and that's where it SHOULD be rather than up your NOSE in the form of FOAM.) but it could be construed as a warning sign.
I digress.
My mother didn't like it, but she doesn't like any beer so I don't usually let her gagging sounds colour my opinion.
As for me?

Honestly? I don't hate it. I mean, I've had worse. Where I take issue is in blatant false advertising.
"A dark and silky rich stout loaded with chocolate flavours. Is there chocolate in my beer of beer in my chocolate?"
I have had chocolate stout before and you, sir, do not live up in either department. There's very little by way of smell or initial taste, but that is immediately followed by a distinctly burnt flavour and acrid aftertaste. It's weird and unpleasant, but I can't bring myself to rage at it.
On the shelf, your first instinct would likely be to avoid it. Don't think twice.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sperone Cremevo Marsala Wine Beverage.

It's nice. The texture is smooth and lightly syrupy in an appealing golden red colour. It's sweet, but not tooth-breakingly sugary. A bit of fruit, a bit of vanilla, not bad at all. At fourteen dollars Canadian, I'd recommend it as fulfilling dessert drink on a budget.
 That's not what I want to talk about.

You know what I want to talk about?

I want to talk about how the ingredients list includes frozen egg yolk.

Let's talk about that.

The ingredients list also includes "alcohol". Woah guys let's not go overboard with the florid descriptions here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elysian The Immortal IPA

price: unknown

While visiting with a friend of Spindle's, he handed her a bottle of beer.  "Try this," he tells her.  "You'll like it!  Just make sure you don't drink it cold.  It tastes terrible cold!"

Advice appreciated and taken.

The Immortal is an India Pale Ale with a rather high-for-beer alcohol content of 6.3% by volume.  It is "refreshing, hoppy and well-balanced", the label tells us.  A "classic English style" that's got a "New World hop flavor and aroma."

What that means, exactly, I don't really know.

Now, I am not a beer drinker at the best of times.  Spindle likes her brew, and is baffled by my inability to enjoy the stuff.  I still like to try new beers, though, in hopes that one of these years, I'll discover the answer to why beer is such a popular drink.  Perhaps this beer will be the one?

At first quaff, I thought for a moment that the answer had been found.  As I first sipped, the ale was smooth and gently flavoured, and I dared to think, "wow!  I might actually like thi..."

And then that "New World hop flavor" hit, stomping on my taste buds like a dry and bitter old geezer, gleefully shouting "psyche!"

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad.

It wasn't good, either.  In fact, I'd be hard pressed to find anything, other then that first touch of ale on the tongue, that made it different from any other beer I've ever tried.

But what did Spindle think?

Not much either, it turns out.  She was left with really nothing to say about it.  It didn't look, smell or taste any different then any other IPA.

I suppose it's a good thing we didn't try it cold.