Sunday, September 18, 2011


Special of the day: under $5

Spindle and I tend to develop an hankering to go out late inthe day, only to discover most of the places we'd like to go are either closedor soon to close. Not being thebar-hopping sort, our choices were limited. Thus, we were quite pleased to discover that one of our favouriterestaurants, Lazia, is open late. Wepromptly took advantage of it. If youever go, have their mushroom soup with truffle oil. It's pure bliss. Actually, we've enjoyed every dish we've evertried there. A wonderful place.

This particular night we wanted to try new drinks. Sadly, I only had my cell phone camera, but abad picture is better than no picture at all. The daily special was the mojito, a cocktail I'd never triedbefore. I'd ordered one in wild berry.

I get my drink and we both go into reviewer mode,discussing the appearance, the smell, the taste... Something is wrong, though,and I can't quite put my finger on it.

It was only after a while that it hit me.




Hadn't I ordered wild berry?

Suddenly I couldn't remember! No matter.

I couldn't remember what type of alcohol was used in amojito, and after trying it, I still wasn't sure. It was strong in mint and lime and somethingelse I wasn't quite sure of. Looking upa basic recipe, a basic mojito is light rum, lime, sugar, mint and soda water. Ah, that was what I was tasting. Soda water. I still couldn't really identify that it was rum specifically. In truth, the whole thing tasted a lot likethe Summer Garden Bowl we'd made earlier. The only real difference was the type of alcohol. We both enjoyed the drink well enough, but itwas too soon after making the Summer Garden Bowl for it to stand on its own.

As for getting the wrong flavour, I never bothered to sayanything since I was fine with what I got. When it came time for our bill, however, our waitress apologized for hermistake and took it off the bill, which I appreciated.

I can see us taking advantage of the late hours at Laziafairly regularly! Will have to rememberto bring a proper camera!

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