Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pokka Milk Coffee

This is one of two coffee drinks we taste tested that didn't exactly rock our boats.  They weren't bad, by any means.  Just... not much to say.

My younger daughter thought this drink had a very faint coffee smell, which is completely the opposite of what Spindle and I found.  She also thought it tasted like coffee and pepperoni sticks, with a meaty aftertaste, so I'm not sure what to make of that!  She also felt it tasted a bit like chocolate and caramel.  Spindle, on the other hand, said it reminded her of Vietnamese coffee, with that sweetened condensed milk taste.  To her, it had a tinny after taste, though she also tasted hints of caramel as well. 

As for myself, I must make a disclaimer here.  I thoroughly dislike coffee as a beverage.  I like coffee flavoured things, but as a drink I find it thoroughly unpleasant, much to Spindle's frustration.  For me, this fell into the "coffee flavoured" rather than "coffee with flavour" category.  Basically, I thought it tasted like milk with coffee flavour added to it.  Lightly sweet and without that coffee bitterness.  So for me, it was better than a cup of coffee, but since I also dislike milk as a beverage, it's far from a winner for me. 

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