Monday, December 31, 2012

New years Mulled Wine

The consumption of alcohol on the eve of the new year is a proud, if occasionally disastrous, tradition. Who are we to shun it?
We rang in 2012 with a bottle of some less than stellar white wine purchased at a severely unwelcoming liquor shop moments before it closed, so let's go out with a bit more style this time!
A bit of cross-promotion here, you can take a look at what recipe (or, uh "recipe") we used and the cooking process here, at my Mother's Squidoo article. Doing so might earn her a bit of pocket change, so get to it!

And how does it taste?
Well, neither of the wines that we used were particularly spectacular on their own, but they combine nicely. The dry red cuts the sugar and port well, while the spices round out the flavour and the lemon adds a pleasant kick. The flavours are all very intense and upfront, not a subtle drink in any sense.
That doesn't, surprisingly, extend to its alcoholic qualities. For the sheer amount of liquor in this, I had expected more of a punch and... it's actually pretty mellow in that respect!

Much better warm than when it gets to room-temperature, though. Ech.

A happy new year to you all, and I hope you continue to drink vicariously through us for another one!

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