Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maple Bacon Latte

Roast Coffeehouse and Wine Bar
Cost: under $5 for a medium

Not far from our place we have been watching the transformation of an old building.  It has been empty since before we moved out here.  It's a really interesting looking old place, and we were glad to see things happening there.

Recently, two new businesses have opened.  Mercer Tavern, which we have yet to visit, and Roast Coffeehouse and Wine Bar.

Spindle had already checked out Roast with a friend and they absolutely loved it.  Today she dragged me out into the pouring rain to check it out.

It was worth it.

The coffeehouse itself is beautiful.  They did a great job with the interior design.  There's lots of space, and it's bright, open and comfortable. 

I am not actually a coffee drinker - in fact, I hate coffee as a beverage - but when we saw a Maple Bacon Latte on the menu, I just had to try it!  Lattes, I can usually do.

The bacon was supposed to stay floating on the top, apparently.  When it sank as it was being brought to us, the barista came back with a saucer and spoon so I could fish it out!  Spin and I both gave the bacon a try, first.  It was delicious!  The maple part of the maple bacon was a candy-like coating that made taking a small bight a bit of a challenge, since it wanted to stick to the teeth.  Normally, I can't stand that, but not today!

As for the latte itself, it was really delicious!  Sweet, but not anywhere near cloying, with a just the right balance of coffee flavour and smooth creaminess. I loved it!

This is a place we're going to have to come back to, often!  The only down side is that the place is not wheelchair accessible, so I won't be able to take some of my friends there, but I was told the entire building is going to be made fully accessible in the near future. 

If you have the chance, I highly recommend checking them out!

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